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The BEST Bunker Construction

Method in the World

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The Better Billy Bunker Method is The Best Method to build a bunker I have seen. This method improves my original Billy Bunker Spec by eliminating the potential torn cloth geo-textile liner that causes sand contamination. The Better Billy Bunker Method improves what has been the best bunker construction spec for 25 years. I recommend this method for the longest bunker life expectancy.
- Billy Fuller – Former Superintendent, Augusta National


After large rain events, the entire grounds staff of twenty plus people would be need approximately eight hours just to repair the washes.  Another day would then be needed to make the bunkers playable again.  Unfortunately, after eight years of washing, our sand is now so contaminated with silt that water cannot get to the drain lines causing playability issues that can last for days.  After a great deal of research and phone calls, the club decided to renovate the bunkers using the “Better Billy Bunker Method”.  I cannot express enough how excited that I am over this renovation process.  We now have 17 bunkers completed and have received several rain events that required repair on the bunkers that were not renovated.  The renovated bunkers have required no additional work.  No washes, the drainage is unbelievable, and the sand remains clean and pure with absolutely no movement.   The “Better Billy Bunker Method” is truly the future of bunker construction and renovation.

- Bob Rogers, CGCS  Big Spring Country Club


The Better Billy Bunker Method is the best thing since sliced bread. The system speaks for itself after you see a heavy rainfall. We recently completed all of our bunkers and a year ago did 6 bunkers in house prior to the full renovation. Since then we have seen many heavy rain events including one 5″ rain in 2 hours. Not a single grain of sand moved in the bunkers. Our man hours have been greatly reduced maintaining the bunkers and never takes more than a leaf rake to fix anything!!
- Steffie Safrit, GCSAA  TPC Piper Glen


A week after the installation we received a total of six inches of rain in five days and, although we still had to fix the existing bunkers on the course three times that week, the sand in the Better Billy Bunker never moved. My club and I have been extremely pleased with this process and are currently planning on redoing all of our bunkers in the near future.

- Jeff Holiday, GCSAA  Salisbury Country Club


Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the product. The bunkers here at Pecan Hollow have already experienced several intense Texas downpours and I have yet to see a grain of sand wash. This not only saves us time and labor for other maintenance tasks, but also gives the golfer excellent playability following even the heaviest downpour. When most courses in the area are sending their staff out with pumps and shovels, the staff at Pecan Hollow leaves the shop armed with nothing more than a leaf rake.
- Paul Madewell, GCSAA  Pecan Hollow Golf Club


Bunker sand erosion has always been a huge thorn in our side for years…not anymore.  Better Billy Bunkers fixed that.  The install process is easy, the polymer application is easy and most importantly bunker maintenance is easy.  We could not be happier with the results we are witnessing.
- Scott Furlong, CGCS  Robert Trent Jones Club


Flashing of bunkers is something we knew we wanted, and in the past those have provided constant maintenance pressure. With our new bunkers, I’ve not seen any silt contamination and our membership is happy. This is the way to go!
- Jim Howell, Golf Course Superintendent, The Ledges Country Club


The tour guys said the bunkers were as good as they've ever seen them and were impressed that they handled that much rain with such ease. We couldn't wait to have the remaining bunkers completed with BBB.

- John Thompson, GCSAA  Sycamore Hills Golf Club

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