The BEST Bunker Construction

Method in the World

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Durabunker is a patented geosynthetic bunker edge system that honors traditional aesthetics whilst transforming bunker maintenance, safeguarding design integrity and realizing significant cost and labor savings. Through the re-purposing of used synthetic turf and progressive construction methodologies, Durabunker offers unparalleled bunker edge stability and unrivaled longevity. The product has been adopted on 4 different continents and built at PGA, LPGA and Ryder Cup Venues. Durabunker represents a new standard in bunker edge performance. By pairing this edge system with Better Billy Bunker, a fully sealed system with a permanent edge is constructed. 
Creating the Fully Sealed Bunker System:  DURAbunker with BBB
1. Preparation for DURAbunker

Prior to shaping the proposed lines for foundation and the top edge of the DURAbunker must be identified. Consideration for the 2" gravel layer of BBB must be accounted for.

2. Perimeter Shaping
3. DURAbunker Tile Preparation
4. Tile Installation
5. Re-Installment of Turf

It is recommended that turf is draped over the edge of the bunker to prevent contaimination. 

6. Gravel Installation

During gravel installation is it important to keep the edge clean and contaminates out of the gravel. 

The two inch layer of gravel will be placed over the entire floor of the bunker. Drainage can be tied into the out fall before or after the DURAbunker construction. If a new outfall will be needed, it should be constructed before the completed of the DURAbunker edge. 

7. BBB Polymer Application

Polymer application will be performed by a certified installer. Once cured for 24 hours, a quality control inspection is performed and the bunker is ready for sand 

8. Final Product

Upon completion a "sealed system" is reached.